For Authors

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Interested in writing short fiction in the Ballad of the Gypsy King sci-fi universe?

I’m excited with the prospect, too! There are a few ways you can have a lasting impact on the story world:

1 Become a character in the story!

There are trillions of people in the galaxy, and each one has a story. Not everyone can be a starship captain, a space princess, or a rebel general. What about the waitress at the greasy spoon? The stable boy at the gravityball stadium? The eight-legged entertainment director on an interstellar cruise liner?

I especially encourage you to create a character based on you. Change the circumstances of your real life and drop it into the settings of the Gypsy King universe. Or create an entirely new futuristic fantasy for yourself.

Submit your original fan-fiction, or character/story idea answering the following questions:

– Where was your character when the galaxy Shattered? 
 – Bonus credit: How were they dependent on QDS technology before it failed, in either their personal or professional life, and how would that dependency effect them once it failed?
 – What did they do to survive the early chaos and confusion of The Shatter?
 – Did they end up joining the Gypsy Fleet? How?

Feel free to be inventive! A lot of people didn’t survive. Maybe you’d like to test your best George R. R. Martin impersonation and kill off your character instead! Just have fun with it.

If something doesn’t quite fit in the universe we’ll work out the kinks together. More information about the collaborative writing rules can be found in the Story Submission Rules section of the website.

2 Become an official author!

I love to create. I’m always on the hunt for other creative, wannabe authors who have some basic English-language skills and aren’t afraid to just jump in and give it a try.

I personally review all submissions for possible inclusion in the story arc, or for great character ideas. Even if, just like me, you’ve never published anything before, if you are interested in giving it a try, please be sure to check the “I want to write!” checkbox on the submission form.

Depending on writing skill and creativity, you may be invited to work directly with me as an official author in future anthologies. I may directly incorporate some or all of yours idea, but do the writing myself in order to make it better fit the existing planned story arcs.

If even part of your submission or idea is included in a published release you will receive a partial authorship credit. (More about this in the Intellectual Property Rights section of my Frequently Asked Questions page.)

3 Dive deeper!

If you are chosen to continue working as an author on the project you will be given access to the full Story Bible, including a great deal of information about the universe – planets, species, larger plot outlines, technologies, and even secrets that only I can reveal about where the story is going.

The Master Story Arc contains the full outlines of everything planned for the Ballad of the Gypsy King series. It already outlines five novels worth of my own short stories, most of them works in progress. Working far in advance makes it easier for you to dovetail your own stories into the larger plot – as if we had been in cahoots from the very start!

Working together, we will develop the continuing tales of the Dirtnap Gyspies, telling many individual stories while building galaxy-spanning plots, twists, and surprises!

So what are you waiting for? Submit your story today…

Where Were YOU When the Galaxy Shattered?